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Featured Training Program

AI is offering online / Offline Course / Training Program both for Practical

and Theoretical Classes including Project implementation for aspiring Professionals and Students.

DRAWING                         Linearity, Character, Medium, Expression, Illustration, Extended Drawings   

DESIGN                            Integrity, Classifications, Colour Exercise, Product Design & Making

PAINTING                          Space Division, Skill & Technique, Colour , Medium, Surface, Composition 

VISUALIZATION                Perception, Concept Development, Photography Visual , Digital Effects

PRINTING PACKAGING   Techniques and Methods, Process & Development Traditional to Modern prints 

ART & ARTIST                  History of Art based on specific Art works and Artists' contribution                                                        

Methodology                     Reference Findings , Specialized and customized Training Program ​​

                                          Digital Format, Live Demo, Direct telecast from AI, Multi Channel Support

                                          Session wise Education / Training Digital support

                                          Gallery and Exhibition Online Platform

                                          Information and news on event basis 

                                          Junior to Senior level Customized Training Support system

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