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The First Note


AI ABESH INNOVATION is a long long time apiring Space for Teaching - Learning Process

including Studies and Applications. Specialised

Program with Customised Training are focused on specific project Development.

In this time frame we are regulating the said Program through Online / Offline mode of Communication.

Teach In Harmony


We are collaborative Platform where Experts interlink their ideas and teaching procedure

by sharing knowldge and skill. Experts are from Leading Institutions and are well connected to AI to develop students/ professionals work procedure. Home works and Field Works both are important  for Teach in Harmony.   


Future Sounds good
There are ample opportunities to carry on your career in different professions and make yourselves as creative persons. 
Artist, Designer, Visualiser, Painter, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Ilustrator, Book Artist, Web Designer, Colourist, Art writer, Design Developer, Art Faculty, Design Faculty, Freelancer, Communication Developer, Media Person, Video Journalist,         


Founder’s Notes 


"Innovation" is the key Role One's existence in the present world for the good cause of Civilisation and Society. One's contribution is higher than anyththink ever. Our great personalities have done lot for us, now  the time to rethink their valued advice for future world.  

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